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Using a Year-Round Haunted House for Profit: Tips for Haunting Appeal

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A haunted house is typically something people associate with the Halloween holiday, but people love being spooked or trying something new for a date night or day out with friends any time of the year. If you want a quirky way to make money while giving people a good fright, consider doing a haunted house all year long. You can do this by adding special features to make it more about spontaneity and less about the creepy and crawly. Here are tips to make a year-round haunted house a real hit in your community. Have a night club appeal A haunted house that features a night club the whole gang can enjoy with a dance floor, fun lighting, and a smooth DJ is bound to be a hit. The haunted aspect can lie entirely in surprise: the DJ can release sound effects throughout songs that are meant to startle and incite a few goosebumps, such as a wolf howl, a foghorn, or even a hooting owl. Furthermore, stage fog can float around the floor near tables and chairs, giving the night club an ethereal but not-so-creepy effect. You can add purple, magenta, blue, or even green lighting to the dim room to give it a more whimsical appeal that won’t frighten young ones. If a night club sounds too adult for your style, then you can consider doing a small eatery instead that is meant to be dimly lit with fog lighting. The eatery can feature a small menu of date-night fare, such as appetizers or a few pasta or pizza dishes, and guests can stay on the alert for the haunting sounds or sights they may see throughout their meal. Add a difficult maze A haunted corn or straw maze open year-round is a great way to bring in a crowd. You can have silhouetted figurines line the walls of the maze, or have tiny lanterns adorn the ceilings to dim the lighting to heighten the senses. At the end of the maze, have a bright sound with a flash of light startle guests while taking their picture for a fun and memorable keepsake they will never forget. A haunted house doesn’t have to be limited to a certain holiday. You can make money with this type of entertainment any time of the year. With the right venue and theme you can delight and spook guests of all ages for a hauntingly great...

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Misunderstood Music: Songs You Want To Avoid At Your Wedding

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When hiring a wedding DJ, you may have many concerns. Perhaps you want to combine a playlist with a DJ’s carefully curated tunes or have both a DJ and live music at your wedding. Whatever your musical wishes are as you enter married life, you may want to steer clear of these often misunderstood songs. While they may be assumed to be love songs, there’s more to them that meets the eye. I Honestly Love You Performed by Olivia Newton-John, “I Honestly Love You” is a timeless love song, and it has been a staple at weddings all over the country since its debuted in 1975. While it may have enjoyed consistent wedding popularity for over 40 years, the song is actually about unrequited love. Olivia croons about how she would have been with her love in another place and time, but the song is about the harsh realities of loving someone that you cannot actually have. Brick While “Brick” by Ben Folds Five is heralded as a mysterious love song from 1997, this track is actually written about an abortion. With its lyrics that speak of such everyday things as buying flowers and gifts for the woman he loves, it also gets deeper. The specifics are never clearly addressed, so the song is often misinterpreted about simply being about love. Few brides and grooms are eager to add a tune about abortion to their marital playlist, so be sure to skip it when assembling your list of love songs. The One I Love As far as love songs go, “The One I Love” by R.E.M. was meant to be the exact opposite of a love song. In fact, the reaction to the beloved 1987 tune surprised the band, and it was received as a positive love song despite lyrics that describe the subject of the song as merely a prop to occupy the singer’s time. While couples still celebrate it and call it “their song,” you may raise a few eyebrows if you play this one at your wedding. Waterfalls As an iconic TLC song of the 1990’s, most people remember “Waterfalls” as a love song that explains how it’s important to stay close to those who love you. However, the truth is that this deep ditty from 1994 is actually about drug use and HIV. The meaning of the song involves deep issues and a warning about bad behavior, but it is not exactly perfect for the optimistic mood most weddings hope to create. Finally, keep in mind that no song is truly off limits If you and your fiancé enjoy it. A wedding day should be all about what makes the bride and groom happy. However, if you are wanting songs that reveal tales of happily-ever-after, steer clear of the above tunes. Celebrate your wedding with music that is hopeful and focused on the beauty of love, and you may want to let the wedding DJ take the helm to surprise you with awesome romantic songs on your big day. Keep these tips in mind when choosing yourwedding...

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Fun Ways To Decorate Standard Folding Chairs For An Event

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If you are hosting an outdoor event in the near future, and you have several guests attending, chances are you will need to rent several tables and chairs if you plan on serving food or if you wish for attendees to have a place to rest. Many people rent folding chairs from a rental service as they are easy to transport and are relatively inexpensive compared to other models. If you wish to add some spice to your party atmosphere, consider trying one of the following tips to incorporate color and texture to plain folding chairs. Add Some Festive Color With Ribbon One great way to add color to your chair is with the addition of ribbon strands. Measure the height of a chair from the top to bottom and double the number. Measure a strand of ribbon to this amount and subtract an inch or two from the total so the decoration will be an ample distance from the floor after it is attached. Fold the piece of ribbon in half and drape it over the back of the chair. Tie it into place underneath the back rest. The tails will hang down in the back of the chair. Do this with several ribbons for an easy bit of decor without spending a lot to obtain it. Bring Out The Smiles With Balloons If your event involves children, adding balloons to the chair backs is a great way to get attendees into the party spirit. Consider drawing faces or writing guests’ names upon the balloons with a black marker to give them a whimsical appearance. Helium-filled balloons can be tied directly to the chair back or if you would rather, air-filled balloons can be taped to this backs of the chairs instead. To avoid having excited children pop the balloons, inform them that there is a prize hidden inside of each one and everyone will be popping them together to reveal the secret. Wait until the end of the party to let the surprise loose! Give Chairs A Bit Of Beauty When someone hosts a wedding, they may want to stick with an elegant theme throughout their special day. Chairs can be dressed up with silk flowers to give them the aura of romance and togetherness. Purchase several artificial blooms from an area craft store. These can be attached to pieces of taffeta or lace and tied across the backs of the chairs horizontally. Make sure there are no flowers upon the portion facing the seated guest. Accomplish this by tying the material first. Afterward, hot glue the flowers to the knotted portion on the back. To rent the chairs, visit...

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Tips For Planning A Memorable Christmas Party

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If you don’t typically entertain guests in your home, even the thought of planning a Christmas party for your loved ones can be overwhelming. However, you don’t need to plan an elaborate event to host a memorable Christmas party. It’s okay to keep things simple. In fact, because so many people spend the holidays rushing around, your loved ones might appreciate a relaxed, casual gathering. Check out these tips to learn how to plan a simple, yet memorable, Christmas party for your family and friends. Give Your Party a Theme Take your holiday celebration to the next level and make planning simple by having a themed Christmas party. You just need to put a holiday twist on a fun party theme. For example, if you live in an area with a warm climate, you could host a “Christmas at the Coast” backyard beach-themed barbecue by asking your guests to come in beachy attire and decorating your yard with a combination of Christmas and beach-themed decorations. You can also roast a pig instead of serving Christmas ham. Alternatively, you could host a holiday-themed pajama party. Simply ask your guests to come dressed in their best winter pajamas. Then, instead of mingling over glasses of wine and champagne, you and your guests can watch Christmas movies and play board games all evening. Hire a Santa Many people only consider hiring someone to play Santa at their Christmas party if they are planning a party for children. But, what’s a Christmas party without Santa? Your adult guests can have just as much fun posing for pictures with Santa Claus, especially if you have fun props for them to use in their photos. So, consider setting a box filled with reindeer antler headbands, elf hats, and funky scarves out for your guests to play with when Santa arrives. Remember, when you hire a Santa for your party, you should have gifts for him to distribute. If children will be attending your party, purchase and wrap a small gift for each of them. If your Christmas party is “adults only” consider having Santa pass out gift certificates to all of your guests. Entertainment Chances are, your house will already be decorated for the holidays. So, you don’t need to put much effort into party decorations — unless you’re hosting a theme party. Instead, focus your energy on your party entertainment. Christmas carol karaoke is a great way to entertain guests of all ages. Alternatively, having a marshmallow roast, a gingerbread decorating contest, or a white elephant gift exchange are all good ways to keep your guests entertained. Remember, holiday parties are about spending time with your loved ones. So, instead of focusing on minute details while you’re planning your party, focus on things that you can do together. Before you know it, you’ll have a fun, memorable holiday gathering...

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Game On: Tips For Fixing And Maintaining A Pinball Machine

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One of the most beloved pastimes in America is the classic pinball machine. Whether you’re an arcade owner, collector, or just a fan of the game itself, these intricate machines consist of a whole lot of moving parts. If you own a pinball machine or even a few, there are some things you should know about when it comes to properly caring for or making repairs to your precious arcade game. Here are a few helpful tips that will prolong the life of your pinball machine so you can continue to enjoy playing with it for years to come. Keep Track Of Repair Since most pinball machines are full of tiny pieces and parts as well as a series of movements, it can be tough to keep track of what you’re doing when you make repairs. For example, if you begin to fix an issue with the flipper and a small gear comes loose, it can cause a snowball effect. Even losing or breaking one small part can render the machine unable to be played until it gets replaced. Keep track of everything you’re doing either by taking pictures as you go or writing it down. This will help you retrace your steps back if you need to determine what went wrong during the repair process so everything continues to run smoothly when you’re finished. Clean It Up In order for pinball to be a fun game, the surface or playfield should be kept as clean as possible. You can maintain a nice smooth playing surface by regularly dusting the playfield and finishing it with carnauba wax for a really slick playing field. You should also pay close attention to the balls being used. Even the tiniest nick, crack or ding can cause the balls to become wobbly and not play correctly. Replace balls that have become worn out so you’re sure that the machine is giving players the best experience possible.  Pay Attention When Moving Whenever you need to move your pinball machine, you run the risk of damaging the delicate parts inside. Be very careful when lifting and moving it, and never slide it across the floor. If you’re moving the machine a long distance, the playing mechanism section where the playfield is should be detached from the scoreboard head, and everything should be stored flat. Wrap everything in high-density foam or use a heavy-duty moving blanket to create a protective cushion. Always make sure everything is powered off and unplugged before attempting to move your pinball machine, and check everything thoroughly as soon as you plug it back in and set it up to be certain all of your lights and moving parts are working well. With a little extra TLC, you can enjoy your pinball machine without worry for a long time to come.  For more information, contact Great Selections or a similar...

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Fun Backyard Birthday Ideas For Your Kids Party: Big Yards And Small Yards

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If you’re planning on throwing your child an outdoor birthday party, then you should plan ahead and make it special. Take advantage of the nice weather and have some sort of fun kids entertainment arranged. Below you will see a few examples of some great entertainment ideas for your kids special day. Some will be perfect for people who only have a small backyard, while others are perfect if you have a big space with which to use. Small Space? No Problem If you only have a very small backyard space, then you might think that your limited to setting up a picnic table, decorating it, and putting out the cake. However, you do have some options. Here are a few options. Magician or Clown You can hire a magician or clown to work indoors, but they will have much more free rein outdoors. If the magician works with birds, balloons, or even rabbits, they probably like a large platform. It’s better working in the backyard then in a living room (unless you have a mansion)! Likewise, a clown will also have more space to gesticulate and perform their routine. Fiesta Time For older kids, you might like the idea of a Mexican themed fiesta. You can get a colorful piñata and fill it with candies and small toys. The adults can supervise the children going over and hitting the piñata. You can hang it from a tree limb in your yard. You could serve tacos and burritos and a tres leches cake. Big Backyard? Big Entertainment If you’re fortunate enough to have a large backyard, then you have a few more possibilities. You can still have the magicians, clowns or fiesta, but here are two other ideas to consider. Bouncy House These are large inflatable houses, sometimes called castles, which the kids can play around in. The floors are bouncy and the kids can jump and flip around in them. The companies who provide them will show up and inflate them before the party. Make sure that you pick one that has a good protection ring so people don’t go flying out. The ones that are designed for kids tend to have good safeguards, but it’s important to check it out. Pony Ride This is a real treat. You can hire a pony for your kids and their friends to ride around. The pony wrangler will walk the pony around the yard and help your kids on and off the horse. You could go with a cowboy or cowgirl theme, and have the yard decorated like a dude...

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3 Ways To Get Acquainted With A New Town

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Moving to a new town can be scary. However, it can also be an exciting venture. Instead of worrying about the area around you, embrace it by taking advantage of some of the different ways to experience all the town has to offer. In doing so, you can take the time to learn about the different attractions and navigate your way around town. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider looking into some of the different ways you can get acquainted with the town you live in. Visit the local chamber of commerce. Your local chamber of commerce can help provide you with a map of the area and point you in the direction of some of the different attractions that the town has to offer. They often have pamphlets or different guides that help those who are looking for something to do and aren’t familiar with the area. You can also speak to someone who lives in the town who might have some personal advice to give you. Individuals in the chamber of commerce often have first-hand experience with everything the town has to offer. Take a bus tour. Larger towns and cities often have bus tours available for you to come out and enjoy. The tour will take you around some of the main streets in town and show you where the main attractions are for you to come out and enjoy. Tours are offered at various days of the week to accommodate your individual schedule and allow you to schedule a day and time that is going to work for you and your needs. Depending on how big the area is, bus tours in your town might only be an hour or they could be more. Join a group in town. There are often a lot of different groups and organizations in town. By joining one of these groups, you can form a connection with someone who is used to the area and can help you find your way wherever you need to go. Not only will you form a lasting friendship that you might not have had before, but you will get to enjoy learning more about the area and some of the best places to eat, shop and more. By going through the different options above, you can learn more about the area in which you live. It won’t be long before you will be able to find your way around town quickly and...

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Learning To Swim As An Adult? Use These Tips To Help You

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Learning to swim as an adult can be a daunting task. You might feel a little embarrassed about being a late starter and you might not know how to make your learning journey easier. Here are some things you can do to become an adult swimmer. Use Swimming Aids You might want to avoid getting any swim aids because you think they’re childish, but the right swim aids can help you focus on different elements of swimming so that you can become better overall. For instance, if you swim with a snorkel, you don’t have to worry about breathing. Instead, you can concentrate on your arm and leg movements. If you use a board, you can focus on your legs and kicking without having to breathe underwater. Look at all the swim aids available and consider how you might use them to make yourself a stronger swimmer. Get the Right Bathing Suit When you are trying to learn to swim as an adult, you have to rethink the string bikini or the huge board shorts. Look at what professional swimmers wear and consider getting a suit like theirs. With a proper bathing suit, you will be able to move more easily in the water and you won’t have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction while you’re trying to get your technique right. Join a Swim Club As an adult, it can be a challenge to find time to practice your swimming. And when you do, your local pool might be scheduled to run classes for children. It can be a challenge to find the time and right place to get your practice in. That’s why joining a swim club (like Jersey Wahoos Swim Club) can be a good idea. Not only will you be able to learn from other adults in the club, but you can improve your swimming with a purpose, as many swim clubs have competitions with other clubs in the area. Consider Private Swim Lessons You might be insecure about learning to swim as an adult, and with all the videos and information online you might think that you’ll be able to teach yourself. However, it can be helpful to have someone else observe what you’re doing and give you feedback to make things easier. Don’t worry that instructors will laugh at you; they are unlikely to do so. The individualized attention you receive will make you a better swimmer. Now that you have some ideas to help you get used to swimming as an adult, use the information above to get you started. Be sure to practice often so that you can be a better swimmer as time goes...

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4 Unique Ways To Entertain Guests At Your Wedding

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Planning your wedding is so much fun, especially once you realize that you can schedule anything you want. You get to decide what your wedding is like, and that’s a liberating thought. If you aren’t one for a black tie wedding, you may want to add a little personality to your reception. If you have a lot of people on the guest list, consider providing amazing entertainment options so they have something to do while you’re meeting and greeting. Your guests will stay longer and walk away thinking they just left the best wedding ever. Provide Yard Games  One way to entertain guests is by literally bringing in games for them to play. However, you can make it more fun and formal than putting board games out on each table. Create oversized, over-the-top yard games like life-size Jenga, Connect 4, and Bocce Ball. This is a great idea if your wedding venue is small and you want guests to enjoy the beautiful outdoor area at the reception.  Set Aside a Kids’ Area Another idea that will put you in the Reception Hall of Fame in your friends’ opinions is a kids’ area. When your wedding is laid-back and family friendly, there are bound to be small children running around. Your best friend may want to stay the entire night, but her 5-year-old will get bored within the hour. But not with a kids’ area! Set aside a corner with a plush rug, a little basket of books and toys, and kid-friendly snacks. Kids will enjoy themselves, and parents will thank you. Bring in a Caricature Artist If you want your guests to really enjoy themselves, bring in specialty entertainment like a caricature artist. They can set up an area near the photo booth and offer free caricature drawings for couples or even groups. You’ll bring in a state fair vibe (fun!), and guests will have a memento to take home at the end of the night. Who doesn’t love a personalized party favor?  Show Off a Fun First Dance  If you’re a natural dancer (or have always wanted to take wedding dance lessons), why not entertain guests yourself? Show off your moves with a truly entertaining first dance. Go for traditional ballroom, or spice it up with a spoof on a modern dance like the Nae Nae.  Whatever you decide to provide for entertainment, your guests will enjoy a personalized look at how you party. Make it your own and you can’t go...

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4 Tips For Planning Your Daughter’s DIY Princess Birthday Party

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Does your daughter have her heart set on a princess themed birthday party this year? Is your budget a little too tight to spend money on fancy decorations and favors? Don’t worry. You can plan a fun and memorable princess party and make many of the decorations and favors yourself. This will save you money and making the party items could be a fun experience for you and your daughter to share together. Here are four money-saving tips for planning your daughter’s princess party: Homemade invitations. There are plenty of princess-themed invites that you can order online or buy in party supply stores. However, it’s not necessary to buy fancy invites when you can make them yourself. Simply take a picture of your daughter in her favorite princess dress. Then simply upload the picture to your computer and create your own princess invitation. You can print the invites off from your home printer or take them to a print shop to have them printed on a heavier stock of paper. Princess cake. Again, you could get a princess cake from a baker, but that may be a little outside your budget. Instead, bake your own princess cake using a mixing bowl and a large plate. Put the cake batter on top of the plate and then put the bowl on top of the batter upside down. The bowl will give it a round shape much like the bottom half of a princess’s formal dress. When it’s done, you can decorate with icing to match your daughter’s favorite princess’s dress. You can also buy princess figures at many party supply stores to top off the special cake. Royal treats. A princess wouldn’t dine on pizza or hamburgers. Instead, create a meal fit for royalty with some basic items from your kitchen. Sandwiches are a good dish, but they shouldn’t be just regular sandwiches. Instead, use cookie cutters to turn them into formal finger sandwiches. You may even be able to find a crown-shaped cookie cutter to make the sandwiches match the party’s theme. Also, for a special treat, get some rock candy on sticks. You may be able to find pink-colored sticks at your local candy store. Then put those out on little plates at each seat around the table. They’ll look fancy and the kids will love them. Princess table ware. Finally, the table’s decoration can set the whole tone for the party. Use a pink table cloth and possibly put a white, lacy runner down the center. Create your own place mats out of colored paper. For an added touch, write quotes from your daughter’s favorite princess movies on each place mat. Quotes from movies like Cinderella, Snow White, and more recent movies could be a big hit. Ask your daughter what her favorite parts of the movies are to find good Frozen quotes, Cinderella quotes, and Tangled quotes. For more help, browse through a place that can teach you more like Disney Quotes. For more information, visit your local party supply store. They can help you find the right items to make your daughter’s party a...

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