Basic Etiquette Tips For Sharing Wedding Details Using Social Media

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Social media has become the main form of communication in which people share detailed information about their upcoming wedding. However, some of the information may be deemed inappropriate and should not be shared. There have been etiquette rules established to avoid upsetting vendors, the wedding planner and the bridal party. Here is a list of etiquette tips that will ensure that you avoid any backlash from posting inappropriate information about your wedding online.

Posting Vendor Prices Online

Avoid sharing how much you spent for a vendor’s service for your wedding or reception. Each vendor is different and their prices may vary per wedding. For this reason, It is best to leave the prices offline to avoid aggravating your vendors. For example, the photographer you use for your wedding may have given you a price break as a courtesy, and if you post those prices other potential customers will expect the same deal.

Sending Wedding Invitations Online

It is not considered proper etiquette to use both paper and digital invitations. Whatever type of invitations you choose, whether paper or digital, should be used for all guests. Digital invitations may be the preferred method because they can include a link for the driving directions to the wedding event as well as local area hotel information.

Posting Registry Details Online

If you post your registry information publicly on your social media networks your guests may think it is disrespectful and feel as if you are forcing them to bring a wedding gift. It is considered proper etiquette to provide the information about your wedding registry privately to avoid causing conflict. Typically, stores allow you to send the wedding registry announcement from their website by entering in your family and friends email information. In addition, if you are asked about your wedding registry information on one of your social media networks, consider contacting them privately to provide the details.  

Create Social Media Handler

As you plan for your wedding and start to share more information online, it may be beneficial to create wedding specific social media accounts for Instagram and Twitter. This will allow you to share with your friends and family things they will experience on your wedding day. It can also encourage conversation and allow you to get opinions for things like bridesmaid dresses, the dinner menu and floral arrangements.

If you are unsure how to go about providing information about your wedding using social media, it may be a good idea to consult with your wedding planner

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