3 Fun Ways To Save On Your Wedding Reception

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Are you planning your wedding? Are you trying to figure out how to have a great reception on a small budget? Here are some ideas that will help turn your wedding into a budget-friendly party:

Potluck: Up until recently, many after-wedding meals were done potluck. The bride’s family would supply the cake and the guests would bring the remainder of the meal. Afterwards, the leftovers would be given to the newlyweds, so that they would be freed of needing to cook meals for the first day or two of their honeymoon. Resurrect this tradition by letting your guests know that you value their presence as you and your spouse-to-be solemnize your commitments to one another and that they should bring their favorite potluck dish to share, instead of gifting you an expensive present. These kinds of wedding receptions are great for couples with established households who do not need five more toasters and a half dozen bedspreads.

Cupcake cake: It’s no secret that a beautiful wedding cake can be a substantial part of the budget for many wedding receptions. Instead of spending several hundred to a thousand dollars for a large cake that guests will only get to admire briefly, consider having a small one tier wedding cake made and serving your guests cupcakes. There are many cupcake stands out there that will allow you to use the small cake as the traditional top tier, while allowing your guests to help themselves to a cupcake. Nearly all cake flavors will work well as a cupcake, so try a few bakeries until you find one willing to make cupcakes in the flavor of your dreams. Cupcakes can also allow you to offer your guests three or four flavors, something that can be difficult to pull off with a normal tiered wedding cake.

Early wedding: If you’re set on having what most people consider to be a normal wedding with a regular reception, consider holding the wedding earlier in the day. Lunch or even breakfast food is usually substantially cheaper than serving everyone dinner. In addition, because most receptions happen during the dinner hour, having a catered meal at another time could save you money on more than just the food. Some catering companies may offer discounts for wedding receptions held early in the day. They may also offer discounts for booking on a particular day of the week, when they might otherwise have no clients. 

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