Hassle-Free Ways To Liquidate Your Relative’s Estate

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If you are the executor of the estate of a relative who has recently passed away, then you are likely feeling completely overwhelmed with the task. The good news is that there are some specific things that you can do to make the process a lot easier for yourself.

Here are three suggestions to help you begin to liquidate your beloved relative’s estate:

Gather All of Your Family Together at Your Loved One’s Home

As the members of your extended family are sending you their condolences, they are also offering to help if you need assistance with anything. While it is human nature to resist their offers for help, this is one time where you should accept the help of any family members willing to donate some time to the cause.

Organize a “work day” that will take place at your relative’s home. When everyone is gathered at their home, then allow your relatives to take whatever items they were left in the will, or that they may have an emotional attachment to. This step is vital because it allows people the chance to take mementos of their loved one and helps to stop any arguments later down the line about the disbursement of the estate.

Sell Unwanted Gold and Silver for Scrap

While you are inventorying the items in the estate, you should remove any gold and silver. Rather than have these type of items sold at an estate sale, you should sell the metal for scrap to a local jeweler. This will bring in the highest cost, and it will eliminate items which are often stolen at estate sales.

Outsource the Estate Sale

If you do not have time to price items and hold an estate sale, then you should hire an estate liquidation company to hold the estate sale for you. The estate liquidation company will have their staff come out to the house and create a complete inventory and price items for sale. 

On the day of the estate sale, the company’s representatives will be onsite and will handle all aspects of the sale.

After all of the items have been sold, then the estate liquidation company will furnish you with a detailed listing of what items were sold, how much they sold for, etc… You may need this information for the probate courts.

Final Thoughts

By following the suggestions above, you can liquidate your relative’s estate quickly and with the least hassle for you and your family. If you would like professional help liquidating the estate, then you should contact a licensed, insured estate liquidation company in your local area. Talk to experts like International Auction Gallery for more information.

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