4 Tips For Planning Your Daughter’s DIY Princess Birthday Party

Posted by on Jun 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Does your daughter have her heart set on a princess themed birthday party this year? Is your budget a little too tight to spend money on fancy decorations and favors? Don’t worry. You can plan a fun and memorable princess party and make many of the decorations and favors yourself.

This will save you money and making the party items could be a fun experience for you and your daughter to share together. Here are four money-saving tips for planning your daughter’s princess party:

Homemade invitations. There are plenty of princess-themed invites that you can order online or buy in party supply stores. However, it’s not necessary to buy fancy invites when you can make them yourself. Simply take a picture of your daughter in her favorite princess dress. Then simply upload the picture to your computer and create your own princess invitation. You can print the invites off from your home printer or take them to a print shop to have them printed on a heavier stock of paper.

Princess cake. Again, you could get a princess cake from a baker, but that may be a little outside your budget. Instead, bake your own princess cake using a mixing bowl and a large plate. Put the cake batter on top of the plate and then put the bowl on top of the batter upside down.

The bowl will give it a round shape much like the bottom half of a princess’s formal dress. When it’s done, you can decorate with icing to match your daughter’s favorite princess’s dress. You can also buy princess figures at many party supply stores to top off the special cake.

Royal treats. A princess wouldn’t dine on pizza or hamburgers. Instead, create a meal fit for royalty with some basic items from your kitchen. Sandwiches are a good dish, but they shouldn’t be just regular sandwiches. Instead, use cookie cutters to turn them into formal finger sandwiches. You may even be able to find a crown-shaped cookie cutter to make the sandwiches match the party’s theme.

Also, for a special treat, get some rock candy on sticks. You may be able to find pink-colored sticks at your local candy store. Then put those out on little plates at each seat around the table. They’ll look fancy and the kids will love them.

Princess table ware. Finally, the table’s decoration can set the whole tone for the party. Use a pink table cloth and possibly put a white, lacy runner down the center. Create your own place mats out of colored paper. For an added touch, write quotes from your daughter’s favorite princess movies on each place mat. Quotes from movies like Cinderella, Snow White, and more recent movies could be a big hit. Ask your daughter what her favorite parts of the movies are to find good Frozen quotes, Cinderella quotes, and Tangled quotes.

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For more information, visit your local party supply store. They can help you find the right items to make your daughter’s party a success.