Fun Backyard Birthday Ideas For Your Kids Party: Big Yards And Small Yards

Posted by on Mar 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

If you’re planning on throwing your child an outdoor birthday party, then you should plan ahead and make it special. Take advantage of the nice weather and have some sort of fun kids entertainment arranged. Below you will see a few examples of some great entertainment ideas for your kids special day. Some will be perfect for people who only have a small backyard, while others are perfect if you have a big space with which to use. Small Space? No Problem If you only have a very small backyard space, then you might think that your limited to setting up a picnic table, decorating it, and putting out the cake. However, you do have some options. Here are a few options. Magician or Clown You can hire a magician or clown to work indoors, but they will have much more free rein outdoors. If the magician works with birds, balloons, or even rabbits, they probably like a large platform. It’s better working in the backyard then in a living room (unless you have a mansion)! Likewise, a clown will also have more space to gesticulate and perform their routine. Fiesta Time For older kids, you might like the idea of a Mexican themed fiesta. You can get a colorful piñata and fill it with candies and small toys. The adults can supervise the children going over and hitting the piñata. You can hang it from a tree limb in your yard. You could serve tacos and burritos and a tres leches cake. Big Backyard? Big Entertainment If you’re fortunate enough to have a large backyard, then you have a few more possibilities. You can still have the magicians, clowns or fiesta, but here are two other ideas to consider. Bouncy House These are large inflatable houses, sometimes called castles, which the kids can play around in. The floors are bouncy and the kids can jump and flip around in them. The companies who provide them will show up and inflate them before the party. Make sure that you pick one that has a good protection ring so people don’t go flying out. The ones that are designed for kids tend to have good safeguards, but it’s important to check it out. Pony Ride This is a real treat. You can hire a pony for your kids and their friends to ride around. The pony wrangler will walk the pony around the yard and help your kids on and off the horse. You could go with a cowboy or cowgirl theme, and have the yard decorated like a dude...

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