Treating the King of Rock with Respect on Your Wedding Day

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There’s nothing like an Elvis Presley wedding. After all, it’s simply incredible that the biggest star in rock history would take time out of his busy schedule to marry couples. However, people in an Elvis wedding often forget their manners: perhaps they’re just shocked by his royal presence. These basic tips will help you give Elvis the respect he deserves during your wedding. Respect His Reign Elvis is a legend and it’s important to treat him with proper reverence. This includes during your wedding ceremony. Yes, he may look a little different than you last remember him. And he may be shockingly young-looking for an 80-year-old. But acting like your wedding isn’t real or disrespecting him authority might make the King angry. And like any ruler, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Let Him Rock Singing is what Elvis does best and he’s liable to sing significant portions of your wedding ceremony. He might even break out into an extended song and dance routine during the service. At first, this may seem strange, but it’s important to simply let Elvis rock. After all, he can’t help it: he simply loves to sing. And what couple wouldn’t love to have “Hunk of Burning Love” by the King while they have their first kiss as a married couple? Dressing for the Occasion Don’t be surprised if the King’s wedding garb is a little different than a priest’s during your ceremony. Elvis has always had a unique sense of style and if you dress in traditional garb, you might be shocked to see him strut out in a jump suit. Remember: Elvis is first and foremost an entertainer. So, why not have a little fun with your outfit? Bring out your wildest leisure suit or your loudest Hawaiian shirt while Elvis croons “Blue Hawaii.” Giving the King a Little Gold Elvis may be ordained to officiate weddings, but he is a King, not a priest. That’s why you need to give him a little bit of cash after the wedding. Wedding etiquette suggests that you should tip at least $60, though you can tip more if you feel like he just nailed “Viva Las Vegas.” Discuss the Merchandise One of the major advantages of an Elvis wedding is the wide variety of merchandise available commemorating your ceremony. DVDs and photos can be printed out on the spot. Discuss the kind of merchandise you want before hand to make sure it’s available quickly and easily. After all, the King is a busy man. Now that you know how to treat the King with respect during your wedding, you can book your Elvis ceremony through places like A Little White Wedding Chapel and have the kind of fun and instantly memorable wedding that you...

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3 Fun Ways To Save On Your Wedding Reception

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Are you planning your wedding? Are you trying to figure out how to have a great reception on a small budget? Here are some ideas that will help turn your wedding into a budget-friendly party: Potluck: Up until recently, many after-wedding meals were done potluck. The bride’s family would supply the cake and the guests would bring the remainder of the meal. Afterwards, the leftovers would be given to the newlyweds, so that they would be freed of needing to cook meals for the first day or two of their honeymoon. Resurrect this tradition by letting your guests know that you value their presence as you and your spouse-to-be solemnize your commitments to one another and that they should bring their favorite potluck dish to share, instead of gifting you an expensive present. These kinds of wedding receptions are great for couples with established households who do not need five more toasters and a half dozen bedspreads. Cupcake cake: It’s no secret that a beautiful wedding cake can be a substantial part of the budget for many wedding receptions. Instead of spending several hundred to a thousand dollars for a large cake that guests will only get to admire briefly, consider having a small one tier wedding cake made and serving your guests cupcakes. There are many cupcake stands out there that will allow you to use the small cake as the traditional top tier, while allowing your guests to help themselves to a cupcake. Nearly all cake flavors will work well as a cupcake, so try a few bakeries until you find one willing to make cupcakes in the flavor of your dreams. Cupcakes can also allow you to offer your guests three or four flavors, something that can be difficult to pull off with a normal tiered wedding cake. Early wedding: If you’re set on having what most people consider to be a normal wedding with a regular reception, consider holding the wedding earlier in the day. Lunch or even breakfast food is usually substantially cheaper than serving everyone dinner. In addition, because most receptions happen during the dinner hour, having a catered meal at another time could save you money on more than just the food. Some catering companies may offer discounts for wedding receptions held early in the day. They may also offer discounts for booking on a particular day of the week, when they might otherwise have no...

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Want To Get Started Playing Poker?

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Poker is one of the most popular gambling games. It is one of the only casino games that is a spectator sport. The WSOP is broadcasted every year. Thousands of people fly to Las Vegas and enter the World Series Of Poker. Thousands more watch the action on TV. Are you a poker fan, but have never played the game? It can be intimidating, so this article is designed to give you an idea of the different options for beginners. So, lets get started and see what your options are in the San Diego gambling area. You Saw It On TV, Now Play It In A Casino! If you like watching tournament poker, then it makes sense to play tournament poker. You will already be familiar with the rules and the structure. The added benefit is that you have a set amount of money you will put up. In a poker tournament, unlike in a cash game, you pay an entry fee and that’s all you have to spend. Only a certain percentage of the field will win a cash prize. Everyone’s entry fee is lumped together and then the top finishers all get a piece of it.  Here is a good example of how prizes are distributed. Tournaments are fast, fun, and a great value. Most casinos that offer poker also offer poker tournaments. Some places have daily tournaments that are over in a few hours. Other casinos run bigger weekly tournaments. Here is a list of some of the bigger tournaments that are scheduled in the upcoming months. Forget Tournaments. Show Me The Money! Maybe you like watching televised cash games like Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker. If that’s so, then you will prefer a cash game. Cash game poker is different from tournaments in that you can leave whenever you would like. You buy chips and play at a single table. There is no prize like in a tournament.  Each time you are involved in a hand, you have the chance to make money, as well as lose everything. So You Want To Play Cash: What Type? There are two types of cash game poker: No Limit and Limit. Limit games include Texas Hold’Em, Stud and Draw. No Limit is usually Texas Hold’Em. If you have never played a hand of poker before, then you should chose a low level game where the money at stake is not big. A popular game in casinos is $2 dollar No Limit and $4 dollar Limit. These are great for beginners. You can buy in for less than $100 dollars and get used to playing. When you visit a San Diego Casino, look for the floor person and tell them which game you...

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Basic Etiquette Tips For Sharing Wedding Details Using Social Media

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Social media has become the main form of communication in which people share detailed information about their upcoming wedding. However, some of the information may be deemed inappropriate and should not be shared. There have been etiquette rules established to avoid upsetting vendors, the wedding planner and the bridal party. Here is a list of etiquette tips that will ensure that you avoid any backlash from posting inappropriate information about your wedding online. Posting Vendor Prices Online Avoid sharing how much you spent for a vendor’s service for your wedding or reception. Each vendor is different and their prices may vary per wedding. For this reason, It is best to leave the prices offline to avoid aggravating your vendors. For example, the photographer you use for your wedding may have given you a price break as a courtesy, and if you post those prices other potential customers will expect the same deal. Sending Wedding Invitations Online It is not considered proper etiquette to use both paper and digital invitations. Whatever type of invitations you choose, whether paper or digital, should be used for all guests. Digital invitations may be the preferred method because they can include a link for the driving directions to the wedding event as well as local area hotel information. Posting Registry Details Online If you post your registry information publicly on your social media networks your guests may think it is disrespectful and feel as if you are forcing them to bring a wedding gift. It is considered proper etiquette to provide the information about your wedding registry privately to avoid causing conflict. Typically, stores allow you to send the wedding registry announcement from their website by entering in your family and friends email information. In addition, if you are asked about your wedding registry information on one of your social media networks, consider contacting them privately to provide the details.   Create Social Media Handler As you plan for your wedding and start to share more information online, it may be beneficial to create wedding specific social media accounts for Instagram and Twitter. This will allow you to share with your friends and family things they will experience on your wedding day. It can also encourage conversation and allow you to get opinions for things like bridesmaid dresses, the dinner menu and floral arrangements. If you are unsure how to go about providing information about your wedding using social media, it may be a good idea to consult with your wedding...

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