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3 Fun Ways To Save On Your Wedding Reception

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Are you planning your wedding? Are you trying to figure out how to have a great reception on a small budget? Here are some ideas that will help turn your wedding into a budget-friendly party: Potluck: Up until recently, many after-wedding meals were done potluck. The bride’s family would supply the cake and the guests would bring the remainder of the meal. Afterwards, the leftovers would be given to the newlyweds, so that they would be freed of needing to cook meals for the first day or two of their honeymoon. Resurrect this...

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Want To Get Started Playing Poker?

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Poker is one of the most popular gambling games. It is one of the only casino games that is a spectator sport. The WSOP is broadcasted every year. Thousands of people fly to Las Vegas and enter the World Series Of Poker. Thousands more watch the action on TV. Are you a poker fan, but have never played the game? It can be intimidating, so this article is designed to give you an idea of the different options for beginners. So, lets get started and see what your options are in the San Diego gambling area. You Saw It On TV, Now Play It In A...

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Basic Etiquette Tips For Sharing Wedding Details Using Social Media

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Social media has become the main form of communication in which people share detailed information about their upcoming wedding. However, some of the information may be deemed inappropriate and should not be shared. There have been etiquette rules established to avoid upsetting vendors, the wedding planner and the bridal party. Here is a list of etiquette tips that will ensure that you avoid any backlash from posting inappropriate information about your wedding online. Posting Vendor Prices Online Avoid sharing how much you spent for a...

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